Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alis by Naomi Rich

Faced with the prospect of being forced by her parents to marry a forty year old priest whom she does not love, young Alis chooses instead to escape the strict surroundings of her village and brave the outside world. In order to do this though, she must also leave behind Luke – a boy of her own age, with whom she is falling in love.

Life outside her own community may be less oppressively judgmental and controlling, but Alis faces other trials in the mercenary city, where one must toughen up to survive. Despite being reunited with her long-lost runaway brother, life is hard and eventually she is forced to return home and accept her fate. Thinking Luke dead, she submits and marries the priest - but their union is short-lived.

An enthralling love story in the Romeo and Juliet tradition, with some unexpected twists and turns – and a definite resonance with contemporary religious extremism issues - Alis is an impressively memorable debut.

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